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 Payment due to guarantee your spot:   8pm Friday, May 18
Final Deadline to enter if not sold out: 12pm Monday, May 21
Schedule posted by:   Tuesday @ 5pm

BLD Waiver Form
must be filled out and signed by all parents of teams who play either day at BLD Manteca. This form must be turned in on site at Manteca before your first game can begin:  Parent Waiver Form Here.

Manteca BLD   USSSA California AA and OPEN State Championship
4 Game  $788.   
8u Manteca BLD  First 4 Paid: $615
1. Oakland Young Legends Elite 8u
2. Hype Baseball 8u
3. $615
4. $615
5. $788
6. $788

Room for 6 Teams.
9u Manteca BLD

Bombers Baseball 9u
Walnut Creek Bulldawgs 9u
CA Lightning 9u
Moraga Blue 9u
CV Rebels 9u   
Sierra Valley Storm 9u
Mayhem 9u
Kali Bees 9u    

Room for 8 Teams.
Payment Due to Be Added

10u Manteca BLD

Walnut Creek Bulldawgs 10u
Walnut Creek Bulldawgs West 10u
CA Lightning 10u
Moraga Red 10u
L4 Rage 10u
NorCal Tracy 10u
FC Fireballs
Clutch Attitude
Lathrop Warriors 
Lafayette Panthers 10u 
East Bay Cyclones Gold 10u

Room for 11 Teams.
Payment Due to be Added

11u Manteca BLD

Walnut Creek Bulldawgs Blue 11u
Walnut Creek Bulldawgs Red 11u
Walnut Creek Bulldawgs West 11u
CA Lightning 11u
Moraga Mavericks 11u
Golden Gate Sliders 11u
Turlock Eagles 11u
SF Seagulls 11u
Get Dirty 11u
Schutt Sacramento Speed Elite 11u
Hornets Baseball 11u    
Lafayette Express 11u 
Elk Grove Tribe 11u
Oakland Larks 11u
MVP 11u
East Bay Eagles Pleasanton    

Room for 15 Teams.
Payment Due to Be Added

12u Manteca BLD

Marin Baseball 12u
CA Lightning 12u
NorCal Valley Black 12u
Moraga Mavericks 12u
All Sports Dawgs 12u
Woodcreek Lobos 12U (Culverson)
Team Judah Green 12u
Dirt Dawgs 12u
Mayhem 12u
Piedmont Riptide 12u   

Room for 12 Teams.

13u Manteca BLD 

CA Elite 13u
Bombers Baseball Silver 13u
Walnut Creek Bulldawgs 13u
CA Lightning 13u
Moraga Mavericks 13u
Golden Gate Sliders 13u
SF Seagulls 13u 
Orinda Kodiaks 

Room for 12 Teams.
Payment Due to Be Added

14u Manteca BLD

Show CA White 14u
Travelers 14u
Walnut Creek Bulldawgs 14u
Best Speed Elite 14u
CA Lightning 14u
Central Valley Aces 14u
Moraga Mavericks 14u
D Bat 14u
Power 14u
BPA Sacramento 
Orinda Bandits      

Room for 12 Teams.
Payment Due to be Added

North Lake Tahoe Regional Park at 6600 Donner Rd Tahoe Vista.
Wood Bat only for all ages.   4 games $788

Tahoe Area Lodging Info: TBA
Memorial Weekend.  California/Nevada State Championships
12u Tahoe

Backyard 12u
CA Cruisers Red 12u

Oakdale Colts 12u 
Sutter Area Storm 12u
Reno Bombers
Alameda Rascals 
(Hollister Hayhogs 11u)
Golden Eagles +  

Room for 10 Teams.
Payment Due to Be Added

13u Tahoe

Marin 52's 
Oorah Grunts 13u
Slammers 13u 
Top Flight Elite 13u 
Martinez Ducks -  

Room for 5 Teams.
Payment Due to be Added

14u Tahoe

Oorah Grunts 14u
Mavericks 14u +
Chico RIverhawks. 

Room for 5 Teams.
Payment Due to be Added

15u/16uAA Tahoe

CA Glory 15u
BYA 15u
San Benito Spartans
LAMV Strike Force 16u

Room for 5 Teams.
Payment Due to be Added


Walnut Creek Heather Farms and Brentwood Sunset Park   - 4 Game $788
Open State Championships.

9u/ 10u  

Delta Dawgs 9u
Reds 9u 
Delta Dynamite
Pleasant Hill Hawks 9u

Brentwood Blast Red 10u
925 Knuckleheadz 10u
Pacifica Cages Mavericks 10u

Room for 5 Teams for each 9u and 10u.

11u   Open  @ Brentwood Sunset 

L4 Razors 11u
TKP Huskies-Richmond 11u
East Bay Cyclones 11u
Delta Dawgs
Reds 11u    
Pacifica Cages Elite 11u
Diehards 11u
Brentwood Blast Blue 11u 

Room for 10 Teams.
Payment Due to Be Added

12u  AA  and Open 

WC Bulldawgs 12u
L4 Redhawks 12u
Hard 90 Command 12u
925 Outlaws 12u
East Bay Cyclones 12u
North Bay Rebels
Delta Dawgs
Orinda Impact 12u    

Room for 12 Teams.
Payment Due to be Added


Diablo Longhorns 13u
DBAT Elite Marion 13u
DBat Elite 13u Perez 
Delta Dawgs 
Reds 13u
Pleasant Hill Hawks 13u  

Room for 8 Teams.
Payment Due to Be Added


East Bay Cyclones 14u
Power 14u
NorCal Titans
Delta Dawgs
Senators 14u
Pleasant Hill Hawks 14u
El Cerrito Rampage 14u   

Room for 8 Teams.
Payment Due to be Added

New website Coming for 2017 soon,  all Tournaments Past April 30 will not be updated on this old site.  We are still taking sign ups and listing teams "off-line" until the new site launches in early January.  Fill out the Tournament Sign Up Form to get your team listed for now.
Email us if you would like a full list of the 2017 tournaments:


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