Bat Standards
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USSSA Teams,

We have received numerous questions about the coming change in Bat Standards for USSSA starting January 1st, 2012. This email is to clarify what the changes are.

Only -3 BBCOR bats or wood bats or wood-composite bats will be allowed. In other words, all bats that are legal for HS play in 2012 will be legal for USSSA. All bats that are not legal for HS play will not be legal with USSSA.

. HS Legal Bats
. USSSA 1.15 Stamped Bats
. Small Barrel Bats

. -3 Bats not legal in HS play
. Any big barrel bat that does not have the USSSA 1.15 stamp

Starting January 1st, USSSA will not allow the use of any big barrel bats that do not have the USSSA stamp.

. Why the change? .
There is a move afoot in youth baseball to "dumb down" youth bats, particularly big barrel bats. This was started by Little League banning composites last year. Over the next year, many (all?) organizations will be making a move to restrict Big Barrel bats to a "wood-like" standard, probably a 1.05 performance factor.

USSSA opposes this change and feels that the 1.15 standard is the right standard for the game and has years of actual game data to show that the 1.15 bats are safe AS LONG AS the bats are not tampered with or improve beyond the 1.15 standard over time.

So, USSSA has worked with the manufacturers to create bats that will not "get hotter" over time and has increased penalties for bat tampering. The USSSA stamp therefore ensures a tamper-resistant bat and a bat that will perform at the 1.15 standard through the life of the bat.

We expect some organizations to try to use the fact that USSSA has gotten ahead of the curve against us with "use your old bat" tournaments and things like that. But I guarantee you that they will not be doing so for long, as they could be sued for everything they got and their insurance wouldn't cover it. The change in bats is coming.

We know that the transition will be a bear, and we will work patiently with everyone to make it work. But do know that there is no circumstance under which a USSSA event will allow illegal bats to be used. There is no grandfathering period and there is no way to get an older bat certified.

It's BBCOR, USSSA 1.15 Stamp, Wood, Wood Composite or illegal.

Hope that clarifies the USSSA Bat Rules for 2012. Feel free to contact me with questions at <>

-Adam Farb
USSSA Northern California State Director

Link to USSSA Site Bat Standard  (same info)

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