TPR Tournament Rules
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Rules for TPR Baseball Tournaments
Age Cut Off:  April 30.    All player's baseball age is determined by how old they are on April 30.  After Augst 1, the next year's April 30 is used.  
2024 Season is From August 1, 2021 to July 31, 2024.  Players age is determined by how old they will be on April 30, 2024.
California USSSA Baseball does not use Grade in School for determining players age, just birthdates are used. 

Bat Rules: 

Current Bat Rules until August 15, 2024:  
13u and Younger: Bats Must have USSSA 1.15 Stamp.
13u Teams:  Required to use -8 or lower number bats.  
14u AA: can use approved -5 (or High School level bats allowed)
14u AAA teams, when playing in Open events, can use -5 approved bats. When playing in Majors or AAA listed events are required to use BBCORE
14u Majors and Higher:  R
equired to use High School approved BBCore. Wood, or Wood composite 

New Rule Change:  Effective August 15, 2024 for the new 2025:  All 14u teams will be required to use -3 BBCORE Bats. After this date, 14u teams will no longer be allowed to use -5.  Also  All 13u Majors Teams will be required to use -5 or lower number bats starting August 15, 2024.  


1. Run Rules: 
Run Rule 6 inning game:
15 after 3
 8 after 4
Run Rule 7 inning game
15 after 3
12 after 4
8 after 5

2.  Pitching limit:  Penalty for violation is forfeit of game. 
These pitching limits apply to One Day, Two Day, and Three Day Events. 
One Day Max. to
Pitch Next Day
One Day
8u to 12u
13u to 14u
15u to 19u
1 out = 1/3 inning.  2 outs = 2/3 inning.  No out recorded = 0   No penalty for going over on double/triple play.

3. Courtesy Runner for the Pitcher or Catcher at anytime.  If a team does not have a sub, then last batted out is used.  Same runner, may only be used once per inning.

4. Teams may bat 9, 10 with an EH, or the whole line up.  Teams can utilize a DH to bat for any defensive player. Teams may use a DH and EH in the same game as long as they are not batting their whole line up.

5. Teams may start a game with 8 players, but may not finish with less then 8.  Teams may start with 9 and finish with 8 without a forfeit.  Teams may submit 9 hitters if they only have 8 players, but the vacant spot is an out if the player is not there to bat by the time his turn comes up.  If the player is there, the second time through the line up, he may take his regular turn at bat.  With 2 outs, teams can't Walk/HBP the previous batter to get to the automatic out position.  The automatic out is skipped if the previous batter walks with two outs and the following batter takes his turn at bat.  All subs must be listed on the line up card. 

6. Innings/Time limits:
Innings Played
No new inning after
9u – 12u
6 innings
1 hour 50 minutes unless stated at check in
7 innings
1 hour 50 minutes unless stated at check in
14u – 18u 
7 innings
 1 hour 50 minutes unless stated at check in
Note:  Game times may be reduced to 1:45 in conditions of weather or other circumstances but would be stated before tournament begins or after a weather, fog, light issue, or other delay. 

7.  Tie Games Pool Play:  If tied after 6/7 innings with time left, one extra inning will be played.  If still tied, game ends in a tie.    This will give teams a chance to break the tie.  Games can end in a tie. 

8. Tie Games in Play Offs:  If tied after 6/7 innings or after time expires, IBAF International Baseball Tie-Breaker rule: Teams may start anywhere they want in their order and runners will be placed on 1st and 2nd. Games will be played in that fashion until there is a winner.

9.  Ejections of players will be one game with the possibility of a second.
Ejection of Coaches/Fans/Parents ejected will be two games automatically. 

10. Seeding Tie Breakers:  Pool Standings Sorted on the following:
1) Winning Percentage - Descending
2) Number Wins - Descending
3) Number Loses - Ascending
4) Tied Teams (vs. each other) Winning Pct - Descending [Not valid if all tied teams have not played each other]
5) Avg Points Allowed - Ascending
6) Avg Run Differential with a maximum of (8) - Descending
7) USSSA Points - Descending
8) Date Team Entered USSSA Database

11.   USSSA Rules: for all other rules. Once ruled on, Tournament Directors decisions are final.

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